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Die LASRAG hat Ihre Schweissverfahren um die Technologie des Laserschweissens erweitert.

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Lehrabschluss Reto Wittmer web

Lieber Reto

Du hast drei Jahre auf Dein berufliches Ziel hingearbeitet und dieses mit grossem Erfolg erreicht.
Wir gratulieren Dir ganz herzlich zur SUPER bestandenen Lehrabschlussprüfung als Produktionsmechaniker EFZ. Es war eine Freude Dich über die letzten drei Jahre zu begleiten, zu instruieren und zu fördern.
Geniesse nun Deine einmonatige Auszeit und dann, ja dann, dürfen wir Dich als frischgebackener Fachmann bei uns begrüssen.

Mit den besten Wünschen und bis bald,
Das LASRAG - Team

Zertifikat ISO 9001 D

Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001

We are pleased about our new certificate in quality management.


LASRAG GmbH receives social responsibility accolade

We received a very pleasant surprise in the post from the company “Brüggli”. We are delighted to accept this important accolade for social commitment.

: “We would like to thank you for your valuable, collaborative partnership with Brüggli and the support you have provided in the workplace over the course of the last year. Your commitment helps professionals with the transition into working life. Through your exceptional efforts, your company is making a positive contribution to the economy and social accountability. This certificate reflects your social commitment and represents an additional qualification. You are showing your employees, business partners and friends just how much you value those around you and your efforts strengthen their loyalty and trust towards your company. We look forward to our continued, invaluable collaboration in 2017.”

We are extremely grateful for this important award.

It shows that we are on the right path!

Anniversary celebration.

We thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary celebration. Here are a few pictures from the evening:


100 years of Lasrag

This year, LASRAG GmbH celebrates its 100-year anniversary. A great milestone - not

Lasrag’s one-hundred-year history started back in 1916 with the foundation of the company Zemp & Co. At that time, the company offered storage heaters and radiators as well as toasters, foot warmers, electrical household appliances and irons. In 1931, the company reached another milestone, moving to Gossau, Zurich, and changing its name to Accum AG. Initially, it produced large bakery ovens, drying ovens and confectionery ovens. Over the next few years, it expanded its portfolio to include electric, railway and oil heaters as well as water heating products (boilers).

In 1996, the company first manufactured sheet metal parts for third parties in the machine and apparatus industry under the name LASRAG Gmbh. Today, LASRAG GmbH is located at Hofstrasse 91 in Wetzikon. Operating as a contract manufacturer, the company manufactures complete sheet metal parts and entire component modules over an area of approx. 2,000 square metres.

It offers an extensive range of services from creating designs from customer ideas through expert manufacturing to the assembly of component modules and order processing by its own warehouse logistics organisation.

You can find out more in the individual sections on our website or simply give us a call. We are always happy to help.

We are passionate about contract manufacturing

Your LASRAG team


Lasrag NeueMaschine

Our new gem

We have been working with the new DiscMaster 4TD since April.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Deburring and edge rounding in one step
  • Removal of protruding burrs and splatter plus uniform edge rounding
  • All inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions (360°)
  • Available in working widths of 1000 mm and 1500 mm for smaller parts from 20 x 20 mm up to material widths of 1000 mm and/or 1500 mm
  • Uniform wearing of tools irrespective of the size of the workpiece or where it is placed on the conveyor belt
  • This enables the machine to process wider parts without any problems
  • Very easy to use and can be rapidly refitted when changing materials as there are only four tools to change
  • Large variety of disc tools available on the market, also for workpieces with 3D embossing
  • Low investment, tool and operating costs
  • Also available as the DiscMaster 2TD with two disc tools in 1000 and 1500 mm working widths


Lasrag at the OpenAir St. Gallen festival.


We were tasked with manufacturing the 2.5-metre-high letters.


Hofstrasse 91
8620 Wetzikon, Switzerland

T: +41 44 936 58 00
F: +41 44 936 58 09

Laser­schweissen Made by LASRAG

Bild 01

Die LASRAG hat Ihre Schweissverfahren um die Technologie des Laserschweissens erweitert.

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